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We have been serving the local hobbyists and aquarium enthusiasts of Arizona since 1986! Our top priority is to provide an incredible selection of healthy, bright and colorful corals. Our team works hard to ensure that you can confidently order corals for your aquarium that are backed by our live arrival guarantee.
Watch us on Youtube!

Watch us on Youtube!

Our goal with this channel is to help educate people on different ways to successfuly keep their marine pets happy. Be sure to click the link below and subscribe!

Shipping Policy

*AT THIS TIME WE PREFER TO SHIP ON TUESDAYS FOR WEDNESDAY ARRIVAL. WE HAVE FOUND THAT THIS METHOD PROVIDES THE MAXIMUM HEALTH FOR OUR ANIMALS. IF THAT DOES NOT WORK OUT FOR YOU, WE ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO ACCOMODATE YOUR REQUESTS. ** Some animals will require shipping via airport to airport cargo. Details will be worked out after the time of purchase. Reef Hotspot offers live arrival guarantee only. For DOA Claims: It is required that photos or videos be submitted via email within 2 hours of the posted Fedex delivery time. If this does not occur, DOA claims will be denied. We strongly advise that you have your corals held at the nearest delivery hub for pick up. In some situations, we may require it. Do not simply tell us the fish or coral died, we need pictures/ videos. All animals are photographed from multiple angles before being sent out. Orders under $100 are subject to be cancelled depending on the items selected and the associated shipping costs. We also want to reduce our impact on the environment by delivering as many corals to our customers in one box as possible. We reserve the right to cancel any order prior to the time it has shipped. Once a tracking number is assigned to your order, the order is final and cannot be cancelled. At this time, shipping costs cannot be refunded as store credit or covered for replacement. FedEx is not liable for damaged packages, all claims should be made by email to thereefhotspot@gmail.com.
Don't Miss Out!

Don't Miss Out!

Browse our selection of bright and colorful corals today!

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Feel free to send us an email, or message us on social media with any questions!
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